Kevin Ball

Software Developer, Entrepreneur, and Open Source Enthusiast

A Human-Centric Approach to Software Development

Software is taking over the world, but to create value software must solve problems, and those problems start with people. I take a human-centered approach to software, focused on frequent communication and tight feedback loops.

Iterate Faster

In-depth technical specifications slow development. For most projects, specifying desired outcomes and rapidly iterating creates better results.

Create Possibilities

Software is the realm of possibilities. Good software products never feel "finished", but rather inspire you with new possibilities of what you want to build and achieve.

Collaboration Is Key

Software Development is not an isolated process. Creating a good software product involves tight-knit collaboration between stakeholders, designers, and developers.

Hi, I'm Kevin Ball (alias KBall) and I've been a software developer for over a decade.

I run a consulting and training company called ZenDev. Prior to founding ZenDev, I led development for the ZURB Foundation front-end framework. I also speak at conferences around the world like All Things Open, Web Unleashed, the CSS Summit, the SVG Summit, and the Accessibility Summit. I co-founded the San Diego Javascript meetup, and continue to organize Foundation and JavaScript meetups.

I love using software as a tool for creating new possibilities, whether those be possibilities for a business or individual.